Wildflower Meadow

This summer we noticed how beautiful the Wildflowers looked by the Blackwell House and wanted to interview one of the couples that is behind it all. We had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Bullard who have been residents of Canton since June 1968. That September Mrs. Monteen started working at Billy Rose Floral and has since been involved with Canton in some type of way. Over the years the Bullard’s have served on multiple boards involving the city of Canton and have received outstanding high ranking awards.

Spring is the best time to get the seeds scattered, this year they took the seeds and scattered them by hand for it to be more natural. The flowers will be in bloom until frost, so now is the time to take your wildflower pictures! In 2014 the gazebo was placed out in the middle of the meadow and complements the flowers well. The gazebo was built to withstand for a long period of time and has a composite roof, just like the Blackwell house. To go with the gazebo, the Garden Club donated three benches for visitors to be able to sit on while taking in the scenery. 

The goal is to clean up around the Wildflower Meadow and Blackwell House to make it a welcoming attraction for people to come visit. Eventually, the gazebo will be named Bonnie’s Gazebo after one of the Blackwell sisters and the Root Cellar behind the house will be named Rose’s Root Cellar after the other Blackwell sister. Down the road, the Blackwell House and Wildflower Meadow will be open as a venue that can be rented out for different events. Maintaining the history of the house and meadow is very important to Canton if you are interested in becoming more involved please contact us.

Written by: Madi Daniel, Canton Visitors Bureau
Video by: Austin Melton, Canton Visitors Bureau