The Canton Economic Development Corporation and the Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce

are here to serve the business community. We want to do all we can to help connect you with

the resources to assist in your recovery. We also want to provide up-to-date information on

what businesses are operational for those seeking goods and services.

If your business has been affected by recent storms in the Canton area, please contact us and

let us know your situation and how we might help. If we can get to your location, we will come

to you.

If your business is open and operational, please let us know and we’ll post that on the Canton

Economic Development page also. Include your company name, address, type of business,

degree to which you are operational.

You can contact us at 903-567-1851, 903-567-2991, jseymore@cantontex.com or 119 N Buffalo, Canton, Texas.

Below are a list of links to resources for businesses:

For information on what to do if your business or farm was damaged:


For low interest SBA loans:

Van Zandt County.png

For FEMA Small Business Disaster Grants:

For Area Small Business Development Center:


For disaster relief information provided by USDA Farm Services Agency:


Business, Agricultural Disaster Relief Programs Benefits.gov (comprehensive list / links):


National Small Business Association: http://www.nsba.net/disaster-relief/

For Red Cross information:


Thank you,

Julie Seymore

Executive Director, Canton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC)
President, Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce
CEDC: 903-567-1851 Chamber: 903-567-2991 Cell: 903-880-3464
119 N Buffalo (Old Plaza Museum Downtown)
Canton, TX 75103

Additional Information / Posts:

  • For those wanting to donate, only monetary donations are being taken at this time. The VAN ZANDT COUNTY TORNADO RELIEF FUND has been set up at First State Bank of Ben Wheeler. Any location can take your donations or they can be mailed to the bank at P.O. Box 428, Canton Texas 75103. Checks should be made out to the Van Zandt County Tornado Relief Fund! Thank you all for your support!
  • Southern Baptist Texas Convention has arrived and will be doing property assessments. They have set up a site at Crossroads Church on Hwy 19 South (1930 S Trade Days Blvd) for anyone that needs helping hands on your property, ie chainsaw crew, tarps etc. 8am - 6pm all week and maybe longer. For more info stop in at Crossroads.

More details on how to help per Mayor Lou Ann Gullett Everett:

  • Volunteers need to check in at Fair Grounds Tuesday morning. ...come prepared and dressed to work.
  • $$ donations go to First State Bank of Ben Wheeler to Van Zandt County Tornado Relief Fund.
  • Do not need water at this time.
  • Do not want clothing or household goods.
  • Cleaning supplies, boxes and bins are needed at the Canton Fair Grounds .
  • Nicholas Pet Haven with Connie Kulick and 5 others.
  • Texas A & M Emergency Mobile Vet Services are on site in Canton to help with the injured animals affected by the tornadoes. They will be there next few days while search and rescue is going on. Verizon was the only service there yesterday, so many may not have had access to FB or any other type of social media/texts/calls. Please spread the word! They are located at the Canton Junior High School on 198. And Nicholas Pet Haven April 30 at 6:47am ·
  • The Canton Police Dept. has instructed us to set up at The Home Store 1190 S Trade Days Blvd # 2, Canton, TX 75103. If you have lost or found an animal please FB message me with photos or, you can find us at this location. We also need your contact info! Severely injured animals will be transported to Spence and White Veterinary Hospital and VanZandt Animal Care Center in Wills Point, Tx. For assistance with injured animals, please call 903-312-7585. We already have reports of found dogs and will be posting photos as they come in 5/1/17 12pm

Information from Press Conference:

  • Volunteers, donations, etc. will be coordinated through the Van Zandt County Fair Grounds.
  • They don't want volunteers until tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Anyone that comes in to assist is directed there first.
  • People asked not to send more water, clothes, etc. If want to help, cash donation is best. Official Fund set
  • up through First State Bank of Ben Wheeler: Van Zandt County Tornado Relief Fund (contact info on later
  • post)
  • If people had temporary housing available, rent houses for reduced or free, etc. to let them know....I assume
  • through the hotline when it is set up.
  • TCEQ and Texas Animal Health Commission have rules for disposal of animals after a storm. Call regional
  • office of tceq at 903-535-5160 or www.tceq.texas.gov
  • More info here: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/assets/public/response/tornado/carcasses-storm.pdf
  • Triage at Canton HS is closed.
  • Mercy Chefs out of Garden Valley is serving hot meals at First United Methodist Church. Offering meals. No
  • one is actually sheltered there at this time. Other Shelters are at Emory City Center, 735 N Texas Street,
  • Emory, Texas and Eustace High School, 318 FM 316, Eustace.
  • Oncor - most should have power by nightfall.
  • TVEC has major transition line damage and may be Wednesday before open.
  • AT&T towers are back up and running
  • Dusk to Dawn curfew in County through Wednesday. Doesn't include City of Canton.
  • Don't travel through unless necessary. Don't want to hamper recovery efforts.
  • Canton schools will reopen at 9 am Wednesday.

Needs identified this morning (5/2/17)

1) Tarps. Weather is reportedly coming back into the area tomorrow (hopefully not severe). Lots of folks need new,

bigger tarps to cover roofs and items that were exposed from the last storm.

2) Help in Fruitvale. Simply put, Fruitvale is feeling like they are not receiving the help that other parts of the county has

received. The storm damage there is bad and MUCH needs to be done. Unlike other areas, there is no city government or specific

service organizations dedicated to that area. Go lend a hand there if you can.

3) Non-water donations. Donations are being received and accepted at the Fairgrounds, at Winning Strategies Marketing, and at

the "old" skating rink / Kyser Musical Products buildings.

4) Money. Beware of the go-fund-me type accounts. Scams are already going. OFFICIAL / legitimate sources are available.

Locally, there is an account at First State Bank of Ben Wheeler. Donate there, it will get to those who actually need it.

5) Volunteers at the Fairgrounds. A more organized effort at the divide-and-conquer is going forward at the Fairgrounds. It was barely up and running yesterday, but is said to be almost full-force today.